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Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. : Value Added Distributor of ICT Solutions

Living in a digital age, new visions are created daily. It moves via different networks, so it needs the correct intersections—and we are those intersections—to make the journey go more smoothly. Our company, GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED, works to bring these aspirations to fruition. We think that striving for greatness will set you apart from the crowd and help you become a rising star. At GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED, we believe that business is all about relationships, dedication, and tenacity. We set out to break down any barriers. Global Brand Private Limited, the top value-added distributor of IT, Mobility, and Enterprise solutions in Bangladesh, is expanding at a steady rate.

Providing solutions for our Partners’ Needs

with our five business verticals-based, fundamentally sound, and durable company strategy. components, peripherals, personal computers, mobile devices, and other market niches like enterprise solutions, retail, and online. More than 70 prominent global brands, including ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, LG, Brother, A4tech, Adata, Rapoo, Hikvision, Huawei, and many more, are among those we are delighted to serve.

Our powerful network of 30 Branch Offices and 27 Service Centers, supported by more than 1000 Sales Force & System integrators known as Champions, is headquartered in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. They are providing services to more than 2500 really happy business clients. There are more than 1300 online and offline resellers nationwide, along with millions of users.

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Living in a digital world every day a new vision is born. It travels through various networks, to smoothen this journey there is a need for right junctions and we are those junctions. We are GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED – we bring these visions a step closer to you. We believe in excellence that makes you different from others and helps to emerge as a rising star. At GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED our philosophy is to leave from all frontiers and show the world, that business is all about relationship, commitment, and perseverance. Growing at a consistent value, GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED is the leading value-added distributor of IT, Mobility & Enterprise solutions in Bangladesh.
Founded in 1996 by three industry pioneer & visionary business leaders, Mr. Abdul Fattah, Mr. Rafiqul Anwar and Mr. Jashim Uddin Khondaker. GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED is evolved in its journey and has been recognized, as the number one distributor in Bangladesh, by various media publications.

With our fundamentally strong and robust business model spread across Five business verticals. Component, Peripherals, Personal Computing, Mobile and other market verticals, like Retail, Online and Enterprise Solutions. We are proudly serving 70 plus renowned Global Brands, such as ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, LG, Brother, A4tech, Adata, Rapoo, Hikvision, Huawei and many.

Our head office is located in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh, and our strong network of 30 Branch Offices and 27 Service Centers supported by 1000 plus Sales Force & System Integrator called as Champions. They are serving more than 2500 plus immensely satisfied corporate clients. 1300 plus Online & Offline Re-sellers and millions of users across the country.

Global Brand’s vision is to be the leading ICT distributor in Bangladesh providing IT solutions to the large Enterprise, SME Market and end-users. Being the first choice of people with improved Tech-Lives whether at home or workplace by making technology more accessible, usable and affordable.

Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. is a leading ICT distributor with a vision to be the most trusted and loved brand in the world. We aspire to make a difference in the lives of our consumers by providing them with quality products and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. was founded on the principle of trust. We believe that trust is the foundation of all relationships. We are committed to being a trustworthy company that our customers can rely on.

Our three core values – trust, love, and responsibility – guide everything we do.


Higher customer IT system uptime and business continuity

Relentless focus on value creation

Organizational agility

Early adoption on emerging technologies

Strong design and architecture skills

Project delivery excellence